Sunday, June 8, 2008

Guidance for Dream Boards and Affirmations

Since my earlier post recommending the Vision Board software, I've had several friends ask for help. It dawned on me that a process that I thought was clear and straightforward, in fact isn't. So let's see if I can help.

First - the Vision Board software is simply a tool. It makes the process easier and more efficient, which increases the likelihood that people will do it and get value from it. But the software by itself is pretty worthless. The image library and example affirmations are pretty horrible and unless you are motivated to add your own pictures and create your own affirmations, you will likely not get much value from the experience. Let me say it again - it's a tool, a shell, a vehicle for expression. The expression still must come from within you.

Before I talk about selecting images or writing affirmations I want to spend a minute or two talking about the first step in the process - Deciding what you want. We tend to overlook this important aspect and jump immediately into the selection of images. OK, so what DO you want?

Sounds like an easy question to answer at first blush, but is it? Many times we think we want something, but when it comes down to it, we don't REALLY want it. We don't feel emotionally charged about it. For several years I've put a picture of a new Lexus SUV on my Dream Board and also one of washboard abs. I haven't manifested either and I'm quite certain it's because I lack any real feeling for these two things. If you ask me if I want them, I'd say absolutely I want them, but it's a wish, with no real energy or power behind it.

So first step in the Dream Board process is to get clear about what you really want. How do you know the difference between a wish or thought versus an emotionally charged desire? Simply look inside yourself when you think about it. What does it feel like inside? Can you not only see yourself there - driving the car or showing off your washboard abs - but can you also experience the positive feelings that go along with it. If you don't feel that rush, then maybe this is something that shouldn't be on your board.

Be specific. I can't tell you why, but I've learned over time that the Universe prefers you to be specific. $217,000 in bank account XYZ seems to work better than a desire for money or abundance.

Selection of Images. It's easy to select images when you want a new home or a car, but what if what you want is not so intangible and easy displayed in a visual - like something to go with these affirmations - I am fully present or - I practice simple acts of kindness every day - or My intuition is working optimally or - I enjoy simple pleasures. I like using abstract art that is meaningful to me to illustrate concepts. And I find that if I simply start with something, the perfect photo will magically appear. For example, shortly after I put Simple Acts of Kindness onto my board, our local newspaper reported a classic simple acts of kindness story complete with pictures.

Affirmation Language. Affirmations should always be expressed in the positive - what you want, not what you don't want. Your subconscious doesn't hear or read negatives, so when you say Don't forget to be nice, it goes into your subconscious as Forget to be nice. Remember, what you focus on grows. If you want to get out of debt, don't focus on the debt - focus on the positive balance in your account. I have a home equity loan I want to pay off faster. On my dream board is an acconting of this loan with a zero balance.

Act as if. Affirmations should be written in present tense. I am a famous author. I have washboard abs. I attract money-making opportunies.

In order for the process to work, it is essential that you have the feeling behind the affirmation and the image. If you're simply repeating it without the feeling behind it, then it's not really getting into your belief system and without belief, there are no results.

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